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Make "Waste" Useful

One person's waste could meet another person's needs.

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At #openstormSF, we discussed opportunities to make "waste" useful. One theme on this topic was mentioned in Laci's on Oceanspray's “Craisins," as this could potentially be applied to coffee plants too. Another theme was in healthcare supplies and products.

Medshare is a non-profit organization that recovers surplus of medical supplies and equipment from hospitals to individuals, and then redistributes them to those most in need, particularly in developing countries.

World Health Organization estimates that 10+ million children under 5 in the developing world die due to inadequate medical care. With U.S. hospitals generating more than 2 million tons of medical waste annually; Medshare has a unique opportunity to bring these supplies into the hands of communities who need it the most. Looks like Medshare has sent shipments to Columbia in the past. What opportunities are there specifically for the Caldas community?



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I totally agree with the ambition and the aim/cause of this. I understand it is from purely good-intended reasons.

However it makes me cringe slightly, at the thought of it could all become feeling like : "Surplus" , "waste" ? what, are we not worthy enough to be able to get the proper new medical supplies? Could recipient of this aid feel less worthy?

I would hate it if a good scheme fails just because we did not meet the human respect and the feelings or risks of someone feeling smaller then us, that can afford to waste these supplies.

Feel free to compare with food or something else. Hopefully you understand my concern?

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