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Learning from Meerkats (A Community Day Care Center)

The meerkats associate together to provide a good care to the small ones, protect them and feed them, when the parents are hunting. How can we use it in Caldas?

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In the meerkats’ community, baby-sitting is a duty and a pleasure for all. What do those cute animals do? They associate together in order to provide a good care to the small ones, protect them and feed them, even when the parents are hunting. Similar can be done in Caldas.

A community day care will provide for the community of Caldas the following benefits:

1. For the children: good care and better nutrition

2. For the working mother: a freedom to work even on an irregular basis

3. For the day-nurse: free food and good conditions for them and their children

The community day care will be based on the following principles:

1. The working mothers (or those searching for a job) will be enabled to leave their children in a day care for a small daily fee which, in sum of all fees, should cover the food expenses of all children and the operating staff for the particular day

2. The fee could be partly replaced by the volunteer work in the community center (a daily based fee and particular replacement of the fee is very important in the concept, to support the low-income members who can find jobs only on an irregular basis, on-call)

3. The fees will be solely used for community day care operation costs

4. The food which will be cooked shall respect basic nutrition rules

5. A no-fee training for the job will be offered to the association members working as a day-nurse and/or cooker (it will also improve their chances to find a job in the future)

6. The day-nurses will be scheduled timely, the list will be available publicly

7. The facilities will be in ideal case offered by the Caldas’ local government, in the worst the existing facilities could be used (homes, schools, churches)

As an additional idea: a small, initial loan for the daily fee can be offered by the Grameen bank.

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Great analogous thinking, Vesna! We look forward to hearing more details from you on how this might play out – in the Concepting phase which launches tomorrow.

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Hi Meena, Thanks, a great compliment from someone who has so many good contributions to openIdeo (quantity + quality)! Looking forward to hearing from you!