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Instilling Problem Solving Skills into the Next Generation

Imagine your childhood, and insert the following experience into your memory: You are given the opportunity to create a business to address social issues. Adults don't tell you what to do, but facilitate you to determine what to do on your own.

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Camp BizSmart is an innovative approach to summer camp. The whole basis for the camp is for kids to develop business ideas to pitch to actual CEO's and VC's. Kids are not told to do, how to do it, and what to believe about it. Instead they are facilitated in the process of building on their interests, knowledge, and using their skills to be creative in building a business. They are given the opportunity to completely own their answers to social issues, potentially reducing the impact of the issue on their future lives.

Personally, I think the idea behind this camp is very powerful with the gift it provides in developing young entrepreneurs as well as the social good that can (and probably will) result. I think about how much this experience could have meant to me as a child. I might not have recognized its value then, but I would have gained so many skills that I did not learn until my adult life.



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I wonder if this could be piggy-backed off the apprenticeship model still followed in some parts of the world. Young people often serve as apprentices to learn skilled. What if one of those trades was entrepreneurship?

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Yes, and if that apprenticeship, in this context, was set to the tone of entrepreneurial business for improving public health! I think that is a great idea and something for consideration in the concept phase.

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