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Inspire: a low-cost breathing assistant for infants (

Pneumonia is the leading killer of children globally - more than measles, malaria and AIDS combined. Nearly 3 million Venezuelan children get pneumonia each year, and those living in rural settings like Caldas lack access to affordable treatment.

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Inspire is a low-cost breathing assistant for children with pneumonia, the leading killer of children globally. Bubble CPAP (continuous pressure positive airway pressure) is the medical device primarily used to treat pneumonia in the developing world. Bubble CPAP relies upon pressurized oxygen to expand patients’ lungs. Unfortunately, oxygen tanks are expensive to transport to rural settings. As such, doctors are often unable to administer Bubble CPAP to patients who need it to survive.

Inspire makes Bubble CPAP oxygen independent by pressurizing ambient air, which already has 21% oxygen, to expand patients’ lungs. Given that Inspire can also blend oxygen with ambient air, Inspire also has the capacity to improve safety: traditional Bubble CPAP delivers 100% pure oxygen, which can be toxic to neonates. Finally, oxygen-independent Inspire is less than 1% the cost of current Bubble CPAP treatments.


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Hello Pamela

Good to see your project about breathing assistant device for infants. The youtube video link is not available anymore. Would appreciate of you share the link. I wanted to watch how the device looks like while at work.


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