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Implement sustainable tree farming programs

A sustainable tree farming model would create new export earnings for timber products and carbon sequestration associated with Cap and trade CO2 programs. In addition, adjacent farmland is improved through reduced erosion and shelter for stock.

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Sustainable tree farming programs are common-place accross the globe and have proven to provide solid investment returns while also greatly contributing to the social and environmental capital of local communities. A significant body of knowledge exists that could see an accerated capability deployment for Caldas.

Mature, growth markets are in place for timber products (fibre, construction timbers, soft-wood timbers) and associated value-add products (furniture, paper, biofuels) that could earn export earnings to assist Caldas further develop Social, Security and Economic infrastructure.

Further, Emerging markets in Carbon Sequestration provide new opportunities as cap and trade CO2 programs continue to develop in response to Climate Change.

Value add manufacting associated with Tree Farming may create skilled employment opportunities and secure additional investment. Local jobs may slow the emmigration issues experienced in Caldas today.

The environmental benefits are not limited to reduced CO2 emmisions. Tree Farming has proven to improve surrounding farmland and reduce soil erosion while also providing increased shelter for stock.


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Nice one Tim – we're looking forward to more innovative thoughts on this from you (and others!) in the upcoming Concepting phase.

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Cheers Meena, I'm enjoying the opportunity to work on something outside of my industry. Back to work tomorrow though, hopefully I can still add some value in the concepting phases.