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How to improve the health conditions under the asbestos roofs?

Isolate the insulator: asbestos roofs cannot be replaced in some short time period. Can we though undermine the health risk?

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Asbestos represents a severe health risk when its fibers are inhaled over a long period of time. However asbestos used in the construction of roofs cannot be replaced easily. Moreover the use of asbestos cannot be phased out easily in Caldas. To reduce the health impact of asbestos it is thinkable to encapsulate asbestos in a layer of cheap hard plastic (when possible, done by recycled plastic bottels). Further solutions such as use of spray solidifying at air contact can be explored with chemical companies interested in developing a cheap product, that can be sold on mass scale (not only in Caldas).

A business case can be made with the government taking into account the costs of health care and the investment to prevent asbestos exposure.

Ix-Chel, Center for Creativity

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would be interesting to think in the system's development when the use of asbestos is obsolete, because all the system could give employment opportunities not only in the abestos collection but with the recycling department.