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Extreme Poverty in Caldas - some facts and images

Here are some photos and a video from poor homes in Caldas. There is also some useful information from a study made by the local government.

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I'd like to share with you guys two things that illustrate to some degree life in Caldas. The first is a flickr site which shows poor kids in their schools and homes. These photos were uploaded by the government team that is working with the Grameen Creative lab in solving the poverty issue. 

The second is a youtube link with a video that summarizes the situation of poverty in Caldas and offers some interesting insights based on a research made by the local government. This study interviewed more or less 6,000 people across the state. If you have time to watch, it shows images from poor homes in Caldas. The video is in spanish. However, I'm posting some relevant information:

-In 2007, 219,471 homes were classified as living in extreme poverty in Caldas.
-The study showed that solving nutrition issues should be a primary objective. Reducing bad nutrition by one percentual point helps reduce poverty by four percentual points.  
-Materials used for the construction of houses could be dangerous and precarious among the poor (at any time the house could collapse).
-More than 50% of the floors of houses (rural and urban) were made of asbestos, a material known for having direct consequences on children's health (causing respiratory diseases). 
-25% of the people didn't have three years of primary school. 
-67% of the people >15 years didn't know how to use a computer. This is one of the biggest obstacles for the poor to adopt technology and enjoy its benefits. 
-Malnutrition is a direct consequence of several factors, including: nutrition habits, low access to public services(water) and basic sanitary conditions. 
-There are three types of malnutrition. All of them are present in Caldas kids, the chronic type being the most popular (this one delays growth).

Hope this info helps!


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Thanks for the background knowledge

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