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Gloria's story

Being practical is a matter of imagination.

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The landscape of this rural neighbordhood is amazing. Locate in the outsides of Bogotá, Bella Vista is a place were you can discover that practical thinking is what you need to survive, and the word garbage is only used for organical waste. 

Gloria lives in this place since she was little. Looking for better opportunities in the capital, she came here with her husband to look for a better life. Now they live in a improvised house (rancho) that they build with their own house and some recycled materials they found near. This situation is common among the habitants of this rural and improvised neighborhoods that belong to the 30% of the total Colombian population. 

Gloria told me that because her illness(high pressure and diabetes) she stays at home everyday. This could sound sad for anyone but for Gloria it has been an opportunity to learn many new things. Electronic and handcrafted lessons have help her to think that almost any material can be used for better purposes, she says: "A bulb can be saved and used as a flower pot or something else".

Being practical is the key
What I really want to show as an inspiration in this case is the capacity of this people to build houses out of nowhere. It is remarkable to see that this structures can last for years. What if this people learn to use this materials to build other thinks and save money for a real house?? What if this practical thinking is translated into other areas??


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Luz! This post holds an incredible amount of insight & we're totally impressed you've taken the time to find and share it with us. Hopefully it will inspire others to think of relevant ways to further help people like Gloria in the Concepting phase which starts tomorrow.

Photo of Luz Gallo

Thanks Meena, I hope material like this will help the low-inocme communities in wich many incredible people like Gloria live.