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Etsy: Eliminating the Middlemen

Etsy enables people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.

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How about an Etsy for Caldas?


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Photo of Johan

Since the Etsy-portal is already existing and have reached a large global audience... The most appropriate (and low-budget) way to do seems to be to teach all interested people in Caldas (doing any type of arts or crafts) how to start their own accounts on Etsy.

And perhaps perform some education on how to make a portal where all Etsy-users of Caldas can go together and promote their products as a team.

Photo of Meena

Though I also wonder whether there are learnings from this model which could be implemented for local buyers & sellers? Also, often those in low-income communities do not have access to the internet – but this is a great inspiration and aspects of it could be applied in many ways. And as we move towards Concepting, it'll be great to think about how some of these for-profit models might be adapted to the pursuit of social business.

Photo of Arjan

It seems that computer use is not too well-spread in Caldas. Maybe that should be a first step: education. How to use Etsy could be a good case to base the education on, maybe?

Photo of Johan

Yes, Arjan, I know. But I am working on a concept... patience! ;D

Photo of Lil

the Etsy platform is also focused on marketing of the products as much as the products themselves. Maybe this could be an added education aspect: how to market the products and showcase them in their best light. There could be a common group where the producers come up with integrated marketing ideas where compatible, different products are placed together for max value.

Great inspiration!