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Empower Mothers ! The Original Caregivers

Some inspiration from a concert of government, private and public sector organizations, communities and people living with HIV working together to eliminate new HIV infections in children by 2015 while keeping their mothers alive.

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Women are the still the primary caregivers in their families. Even more so in the developing world. There are no nannies; no internet of information; fathers often still set in traditional roles; and access to healthcare isn't always there. Mothers are charged with taking care. So what happens when that mother is carrying HIV?

I was just reading the coverage from the 2011 United Nations High Level Meeting on AIDS in NYC on June 9th.

Here are some of the facts: In 2009, 370,000 children became infected with HIV globally and an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 women died while pregnant because of HIV. On the flip side, there were virtually NO child deaths due to HIV in higher income countries. Too few women are receiving HIV prevention and treatment services to protect themselves or their children in medium and low income countries around the world.

Global Plan is a collaboration between UNAIDS, international organizations in both the public and private sector, and networks of people living with HIV in 25 countries. And together they have crafted a roadmap with the goal to eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015 while keeping their mothers alive.

To be achieved by the following:

1) Creating access to HIV prevention and treatment services

2) Encouraging communities to respect the rights of women living with HIV

3) Providing adequate resource (human and financial) both local and international

4) HIV, maternal health, newborn and child heath and family planning programmes

5) Enabling and empowering communities to help support women living with HIV

6) National and global leaders act in concert and be held accountable for results

See Source here:

UN Press Release here:

While not a "social business" - but a pretty inspiring union of ambassadors and drivers of change all marching towards the same giant objective, which I would hope can deliver sustainable results not just for the long-term but forever.


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In fact I believe that Grameen espouses a similar preference for empowering women, exactly because they are the typical caregiver in a family. A man might spend his money on himself (beer, cigarettes, gambling), a woman will spend it on her family.

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I was having trouble, then didn't see how to update. Thanks for the tutorial :)

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Great stuff Carol – we're here to help. And fab image you've chosen here!