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Eating in Bella Vista

How is the diet in a low income community? Let's take a look at some meals in a low-income community in Bogotá- Colombia

Photo of Luz Gallo

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Colombian diet is characterized by its variety of tropical fruits and carbs like the manioc, the banana and the indian bread.
In spite of our huge variety of food, in Colombia, the problem is the price of those products and most of the times, the mayority of the population can't access to them. That's why, after researching how people of low-income community eat, I realized three things about their diet:
1. The diet is a high carb diet. If you go to a neighboorhood supermarket, you can see that the cheaper product there are the sugars and carbs and the most expensive are the vegetables and the meat. That's why their diet is high in carbohidrates and low in animal protein and fiber. They prefer quantity over quality.
2. Most of the low-income community population, eat only one time a day so they want to feel full and the carbohidrates are the ones that create this sensation.
3. They buy the food for the day. Due to the salary payment methods and the income of the families, they prefer to buy the food daily and that rises the prices. Also, most of them don't have a fridge so the perishable food bust be consumed in the same day.


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Photo of Irune Gonzalez Cruz

Wow! Gracias Luz for your observations. I think that the three things you mention are very relevant and reflect the reality very well: high carb diet, one meal a day and buy stuff daily! ( I can say that it is the same for low-income communities in Ecuador)

What I miss in the pictures of food is RICE. You will tell us, but isn't it that they eat rice almost in every meal? It provides the feeling of being full but lacks on proteins and vitamins. This is why even if some children don't feel hungry, they suffer from undernourishment.

Photo of Luz Gallo

Well Irune, here we eat a lot of rice, but we prepare it in many different ways. In fact you can see some rice in the last picture (the one of the lunch) were in addition to it you can see potatoes and plátanos. This is a dish really popular in Medellín called "Bandeja Paisa" that has 15 ingredients, it's obvious that here there are still messing some of them but the carbs still numerous.

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