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Eat the colors of the rainbow.

Diverse color is a great indicator of a healthy diet. How can we create access to more nutritious fruits and vegetables for the people of Caldas?

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IDEO created the Palette Concept with Hakuhodo during Tokyo Design Week. "Palette is a holistic, color-based guide that makes healthful eating simple. Each of its seven colors corresponds to a different category of food, based on their natural pigments (light green for apples and celery, dark green for kale and broccoli, etc.). The familiar hues replace the hard-to-understand nutritional information on product boxes with an more intuitive approach to finding balance." Quoted from the project page on IDEO. 

While this exact concept might not be feasible in the region we're designing for, it could be an inspiration for how we could encourage more diverse, nutritious, and vitamin rich diets. 


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A varied diet helps people have a better life. The seven color tip is really useful, but we have to think on teaching people to eat according to who they are and what they do. An active person or a child needs more energy than an older person for example.

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Like this. My mom always insisted having seven colours on our plates with each meal. Something I still stick to to this day. I'll throw a purple grape on there just to make it happen :) But I like this because it's simple, it's something a young person can grasp, keep hold for life.

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Anything edible which grows in a walkable distance of the community is much better than any food which travels from long distance, the only reason is that all the species share the same environment and evolve and adopt with it. There are less chances of getting effected by bacteria, virus or other pests which are harmful to humans because the plants who have evolved and adopted to fight against that pests can help us evolve and works like medicine and not just food.