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Call for worldwide ban on Asbestos building materials - what's not good for us isnot good for them

Russell's amazing post on Canada's exporting of asbestos to Colombia has struck on a very real problem. First world countries that wouldn't allow those products anywhere near a building site seem happy to sell them to impoverished nations.

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I think we could and should call for a ban of first world countries selling products deemed too dangerous in their own countries to the third world. In our profit hungry market based economies the morality of selling things detrimental to the community is something that is ignored. To stop the practise in the first world it governments have to legislate against it. BUT those companies who are banned from selling dangerous products in their own countries have no problems selling it them to poorer nations.

So we should be able to via world trade bodies to identify products that have been banned in first world countries and the reasons why and then prevent companies from trying to sell them to poor nations.


In Australia I know one particular building supplies comany was sued by people who had suffered asbestos-related mesothelioma. Maybe we could use international laws to get compensation for people who have suffered this in Caldas.


The simple principle should be - IF IT NOT GOOD FOR US THEN IT IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM!


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