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BirdProject - Biodiesel glycerin soaps for BP oil spill cleanup

The BirdProject is creating black, bird shaped glycerin soaps with a white ceramic keepsake at the center to help fund clean up Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. 50% of profits are donated to Gulf Restoration Network & International Bird Rescue.

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Each black, bird shaped soap contains a white, ceramic bird, handmade by moi from Louisiana Clay, which remains as a keepsake once the outer soap has washed away.

Through the daily act of washing, you will eventually free the clean, white, ceramic birds inside - potent symbols of restoration and recovery. The soap is shaped to be cradled in your hand and is a powerful representation of all creatures affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster.

The soaps are made with natural, locally sourced ingredients: biodiesel glycerin, fair trade olive oil, aloe, activated black charcoal, and a light cypress scent - reminiscent of Louisianan bayous. They are made by Emily Manger Davis of Sweet Olive Soaps, a third generation soapmaker from New Orleans.

50% of profits go to environmental cleanup and care for affected animals of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. [Gulf Restoration Network & International Bird Rescue]

All aspects of the project are locally created and sourced, as well as being of 100% recycled or natural materials! To me, this project is about working from the ground up and the power of small teams to do BIG things!


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Great example of a crisis being leveraged to spread messages of hope!

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Thank you Meena, greatly appreciate your comment!

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