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Asbestos surveys and site warnings

Most of the developed countries in the world have an asbestos response plan which contains at the very least a register of sites and appropriate signage warning of danger.

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Developed nations have an asbestos response plan that includes two main components. Hazard / Risk identification and incident planning and response.

Hazardous site Register: Using GIS Mapping, all asbestos sites can be identified and assessed for the condition of the site. This information can then be used as a basis for developing a plan for the on-going management of the asbestos issues in Caldas. Further, all relevant sites must be clearly signed and community education of the dangers posed by asbestos must be undertaken.

Incident Planning and Response: Models of the asbestos issue could be developed and may include a range of parameters such as weather, population density, development plans and demographics to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the asbestos issue in Caldas. WIth this information, an appropriate plan for the removal (priorities, work effort and resources) and treatment of people likely to be affected by asbestos exposure can be developed.


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