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A case study of the coconut

Local resources to combat local problems: coconut fibers used to prevent soil erosion. Can this example be used as inspiration to create healthy housing construction materials in Caldas?

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I learned of this example a few years ago. An entrepreneur in the Philippines employed local labor to transform coconut husks (in plentiful supply in the region) into a erosion mitigating products (e.g. fabrics and nets that could placed along river banks and hills). Erosion is an important concern in an area that endures heavy tropical rains. These environmentally friendly devices actually performed better than their synthetic counterparts and were considerably cheaper/cost-effective.

Check out the following for more information:
-this company has be recognized by the BBC and other organizations for its ingenuity and business model

Relating this case to Caldas, Colombia - perhaps there is a local natural resource that can be harnessed and used to produce a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to the asbestos that is currently being used in housing construction.

On a slightly separate note, while researching this, I came across another instance of the power of the coconut: the fibers can be used to create malaria nets

image sources: a quick google image search, and


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This is very inspiring. I would like to hear form you about my post:

This could be the answer of your question "perhaps there is a local natural resource that can be harnessed".

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