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The Wonderbag

Social innovation project in South Africa called The Wonderbag; insulation/heat retention cooking bag. The Wonderbag is saving low income residents money, reducing fire hazards in overpopulated urban areas and empowering women in the community.

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The Wonderbag™ is a heat-retention/insulation cooker that no kitchen can afford to be without. It cooks wonderfully appetising meals, while saving energy, helping to conserve the planet and making the kitchen a safer place for children.

Although heat-retention cooking is universally applicable, Natural Balance specifically focuses on introducing the Wonderbag™ to countries and communities with high poverty rates, a shortage of fuel supplies, a high incidence of health problems associated with air pollution, and/or injuries resulting from fuel fires.

The wider use of the Wonderbag™ results in:

  • Money saved on fuel that can be spent on food;
  • Less CO2 emissions, which contributes to a reduction in harmful carbons affecting the ozone layer; and
  • Less pollution and toxic fumes, which decreases the incidence of respiratory and other diseases, particularly in children.

The Wonderbag™ heat-retention cooker is South Africa's first programmatic (PoA) CDM project being registered by the UNFCCC, and one of the first in Africa. Once UNFCCC registration has been concluded, Natural Balance will trade in certified emissions reductions (CERs). The resultant revenue will ensure the project's commercial sustainability by subsidising the price at which the bags are sold. It will also be used to support communities of Wonderbag users to achieve "green" lifestyles.

Natural Balance aims to form partnerships with companies that wish to contribute to a demonstrable change in CO2 emissions, while alleviating poverty and creating employment.

Welcome to the Wonderbag™ way!

This information has been taken directly off The Wonderbag website. Find this and more detailed information at

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Nice to see a product that promotes this. I am writing on an article about this reduction of energy wasted in cooking food in a modern house : I would appreciate feedback and a discussion on how to improve and work out more concepts that helps people save money, time and energy in domestic everyday situations.