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Juntos vivimos mejor!

"Together we live better" is a brand that will bring awareness, education and first aid medicines to Caldas' families when and where they need it. It is comprised of four interconnected social businesses to provide population reach but also business focus.

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"Together we live better" is comprised of four interconnected social businesses to provide population reach but also business focus (see picture for illustration):

  1. Health Kit Display (Las medicinas de la abuela): accesible medicines for all sold at local retailers. (See pictures for illustration)
  2. Peer to peer health education program (Amigas de la salud): health learning network for women.
  3. Health SMS-Texting (Mensajitos saludables): text health tips for women and young families.
  4. Radio/TV health mini-programs (Juntos vivimos mejor): health tips for women
and young families.


1. Health Kit Display (Las medicinas de la abuela)
  • Target consumer: low income families looking for effective and unexpensive medicines.
  • It is located at established retailers (shops, farmers markets, mini restaurants, pharmacies) providing reach.
  • The assortment is defined by health professionals assuring impact (focus on diarrhea, flu/neumonia, pregnancy and new born care, sexual and reproductive illnesses)
  • Product bought from wholesalers and producers using "non-for-profit" tax status to reduce cost. "Medicine bank" could be an attractive option too to collect donations. This will assure low cost.
  • Product sold at cost driving consumption.
  • Financial surplus for investment coming from sponsorships for the in store
  • display. The sponsorhip could be a visual or location of a product within the display after approval of health professionals.

2. Peer to peer health education program (Amigas de la salud)
  • Target group: young women at reproductive age.
  • Content: aims to develop a learning newtork on sexual, reproductive, pregnancy and new born health AND promotes other three initiatives.
  • Deliver at public school, public church or municipality
  • Income: supported by the other three initiatives.

3. SMS-Texting (Mensajitos saludables)
  • Target group: woman and new families
  • Income: cost cover by user, surplus generated by telecom sponsorships
  • Cost reduction: non-for-profit tax reduction, use of open platforms
  • Content: education program created to prevent sexual, reproductive, pregnancy and new born illnesses, sales promo of Health Kit and promo of sponsors.

4. Radio/TV health mini-programs (Juntos vivimos mejor)
  • Income: sponsorhips on exchange of promotion of products, services and/or brands.
  • Cost reduction: not tax due to "non-for-profit status", discount for CSR practice (many channels have spots available for good causes)
  • Content: education program created to prevent sexual, reproductive, pregnancy and new born illnesses.
  • Target audience: woman and new families
  • Promotes other 3 initiatives.

How do you envision this idea making money?

Summary of revenues sources: 1. Consumer pays (super) reduced price to cover medicine cost. 2. Brand building sponsorships: - Display Health Kid: including visuals and/or product driving consumption and consumer trust. - SMS-Texting: promotion of services, products or brand mentions increasing consumer trust. - Radio-TV: promotion of services, products or brand mentions: promotion of services, products or brand mentions increasing consumer trust.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

It aims to build a health learning network within women and young families to increase healthier behaviors. Furthermore, it provides access to affordable basic medicines in the community to fight preventable and "easy to cure" illnesses.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

It provides purpose and jobs (income) to the people involved in the chain but also the opportunity to keep learning about healthier practices in life.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

For impact: start building the Peer-to-peer network. Find an existing local group and ask for a session to introduce the program, invite people to join. For short term cash: set up the SMS system. Contact a provider, prepare 100 messages and promote at Church (I'm sure you'll find lost of people there every Sunday) For long term cash: go for the Displays (prepare display concept, assure medicine supply at the right price, list in local retailers, find sponsor).

Evaluation results

8 evaluations so far

1. How well do you think this concept considers life in low-income communities?

It is highly relevant to low-income communities - 62.5%

It is somewhat relevant to low-income communities - 25%

It does not significantly consider low-income communities - 12.5%

2. How effectively does this concept use social business principles (that is, it has social benefits for the community but does not pay dividends?)

This concept uses social business principles very well - 57.1%

This concept could be easily modified to incorporate social business elements - 28.6%

This concept does not connect with social business very well - 14.3%

3. How easy would it be to implement this concept?

Easy! This could be started immediately - 0%

It would take some time and planning – but I bet I could see progress in the near future - 100%

This concept would need extensive planning, partnerships & resources in place to get going - 0%

4. To what extent will this concept improve people’s health?

This concept would significantly improve people’s health and wellbeing - 83.3%

This concept seems like it might improve health, although maybe indirectly - 0%

This concept doesn’t really have much to do with health - 16.7%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world! - 50%

I liked it but preferred others - 25%

It didn’t get me overly excited - 25%


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Great Concept Juan! I love it. You took the time to think on a concept that acts directly on the health spot and creates a sustainable community out of it. Nice detail to use some common phrases to name the products ;)

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