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TV edu-tainment for children

Create a fun edu-tainment program for children with characters similar to Sesame Street. The program should be targeted at pre-school children and teach them valuable life skills.

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Create a fun edu-tainment program for children with characters similar to Sesame Street. The TV program should be targeted at pre-school children and teach them valuable life skills and principles through songs, games etc. One of the principles could be the ideas of the 3Rs (re-duce, re-use, re-cycle). 

The program could for instance be based around three different characters - each representing a popular Colombian animal, and each one with the colour of the Colombian flag. Each character could have a special kind of personality ex. "The Compassionate Cat" (= Social), "The Artistic Anteater" (= Creative) and the "The Party Parrot" (=Fun)

How do you envision this idea making money?

The program could be made into merchandise similar to Sesame Street. Children could buy teddy-bear versions of their favourite character, childrenĀ“s books could be written about the characters etc.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

The TV program will teach the children valuable life skills, which will help them take better care of themselves, their friends and their community.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

By targeting children the TV program will automatically also target the parents. By providing a positive story we can encourage parents and children to discuss social responsibility at home in an attractive and fun way.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

1) Ask as script writer to come up with unique characters and a clever story line for the TV program 2) Pitch the program to a popular national TV channel in Colombia.


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Photo of Sarah Fathallah

I really *love* this idea but I am still a bit skeptical as per its financial viability... I am not so certain that families would spend money on such merchandise, if we're still talking about Caldas only. One way to target higher-income populations would be to take this to a national level.
Another way would be to implement this would be to partner with visual arts schools in Colombia and ask students to make this TV program... I don't really know, still have to think about it.

Photo of Ashley Jablow

Great questioning here Sarah - and interesting builds! It makes me think of Alex's Lemonade Stand - a grass roots fundraising movement to cure childhood cancer. Perhaps there's a way to encourage kid entrepreneurship via these edu-tainment programs? Just thinking out loud... :)

Photo of Anne Kjaer Riechert

Great inputs Sarah! I agree, the TV option would be very expensive indeed! But maybe we do not need the TV program to get the impact we are looking for. A cheaper version would be to keep the characters but make them into a road-show THEATRE instead. Then all we need is a clever script and 3 actors inside some cute looking, life size dolls (*think Mickey in Disneyland). The cool part about the theatre is that the children can interact with the characters directly after the play has finished. This would make the experience a lot more personal, and thus memorable.

Photo of Paul van Zoggel

Yes good idea. And nice to read the 2 extremes; expensive TV series vs local puppet theatre. In terms of viable social business. Recording with 'mobile phones' the theatre act, kids in schools in other places can watch them and talk about them afterwarts. Or in case of preschool, imitate the song/dance. The latino version of the Telletubbies, not chubby but energetic characters, latino style, more fire.

How is computer, OLPC, personal mobile takeup in places like Caldas?

I also know places in Europe where 27% of people are poor but many still have somehow a fancy smartphone. How poor is poor in Caldas, starvation? I should read a bit I guess...

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