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The Caldas Social Business Times

A locally produced newspaper which celebrates, promotes & inspires social business.

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Drawing on inspiration from the India's locally produced rural newspaper Khabar Layariya (News Waves) – could we propose a similar venture in Caldas that focuses specifically on social business? A team of people could receive training on researching and writing local stories plus marketing and distribution. A strong understanding of the principles of social business by contributors would be encouraged.

This kind of newspaper could spread well beyond Caldas – maybe for starters to other international locations where Grameen is active. Possibly there would be opportunities to share stories from other locations as well, highlighting the wealth of entrepreneurial activity in low-income communities globally, though with the focus on local content to drive local interest. Alliances could be formed with outreach programmes like Nathan's Mobile Training Camp for Entrepreneurship – to assist in further distribution and promotion + Johan's Internet Shop – for production, distribution and community connections. And obviously the Caldas Social Business Times could champion many of the great concepts being posted if they turned into actual social business ventures!

I totally welcome further ideas on this – especially from Spanish speaking OpenIDEATORS who might suggest a name for the newspaper that would resonate with locals! In terms of content there could be regular features like Social Entrepreneur of the Week, in-depth articles on specific ventures and challenges, a page dedicated to social business for health, a section for youth, info on micro-finance opportunities... What else?

And check out the video on the Indian grassroots rural newspaper which inspired this concept. Image taken in Mumbai (actually they're posters not newspapers – but I thought it suited this idea!)

How do you envision this idea making money?

Newspapers could be sold cheaply and further revenue could be generated through advertising. Printers often give discounts if they can advertise also.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

By amplifying social business ventures, challenges and successes – it is hoped that this newspaper would play an integral part in encouraging and supporting a culture of local entrepreneurship. Cross-pollinating between locations could help spread the wealth of grassroots innovators and social entrepreneurs who often work isolated from others who have committed to worthy and complimentary ventures. Plus the publication would likely ignite the passions of some readers to pursue and support social business.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

By making the celebration of social business a social business itself!


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Hello, We want to have Alliance to a global community of food waste innovators and advocates.

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