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Social Gaming in Caldas

Design some type of game together with several groups and teams of people in Caldas. The fundamentals and mechanics of the games can be to distribute small bits of knowledge and info around health (prevention, nutrition, medicine, hospitals...) and/or sustainability (economics, ecologics, energy, environment, farming...) and/or social issues

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I think we should have a Caldas-game-concept, just because there isn't one already and I am very playful and loves creative, small & cheap games.

What is the game about? it is not one game, we make a little educational workshops in where several people create several different games of several models and various topics and new rules for each game. I had a general idea that it could be focused around discussing and distributing ideas, spreading and sharing knowledge, skills, information, messages that is good for people to follow.

Eventually it could become games targeted at different groups. Some for school children, some for mothers, perhaps to people that are not straight heterosexuals (these face other types of health risks)
All types of groups of people could be made to play a game once in a while, it all depends on the design and the competitiveness. So if you could register your score in some way, to bring your points with you from one match to the next it would be fun to play it over and over again, with many of your friends.

Lets get a group of volunteers together and brainstorm around games, workshop and try out different old types of games that are available. Lets make a packaged design to help anyone produce their type of game that they would be interested in producing, packaging and selling. So this could be generating several spin-off-start-ups.

Take good existing games, such as Trivial Pursuit, and remake the rules, the content and the way you score points. And let the people design the playing cards and whatever accessories is needed to play the game. It can become a small start-up-business of each individual game, run by one or more persons, self-funded or use help with micro-credits if it is a costly production needed to start the initial manufacturing.

Playing and Spread of the games:
The distributive way of playing methods could be done in three ways:
  • offline, a regular game face-to-face with your opponent with cards or dice, or the designers could "invent" and manufacture something new to play with.
  • online, depending on the technology it would preferably be based on text messaging. possible to make it like correspondence-chess-tournament, with ongoing games, one draw per day to get the discussion constant and on long-distance, maybe with several opponents in same game.
  • Any type of Mix of online and offline methods. (could include anything communication ways from telephone messages, texts and emails. If the participants want hightech-options perhaps we could team up with software programming companies ? they donate time for developing some basic templates for a couple of game methods for online games)

Selling can be done on markets, go around to toy shops, health clinics... knocking door-to-door... And all of the involved participants will be able to sell the other games from the other participants in this concept. So you will not have 50 new game-companies selling 1 game each, you could have 50 companies spread out across the region and they have up to 50 available games to sell. The most popular ones will go on and sell a lot and make profit, and the other ones could try to lower the price or go together with others, to sell as a bundle-deal 3-for-1. Or return to the drawing board to improve upon their game, or start from scratch with a new one.

There would also be quite simple for all of these startups to collaborate together and set up one account on Etsy or similar web-shop and target the whole spanish-speaking world. Or perhaps towards all types of international schools as a part of the spanish-language-education?

Combine the workshops with entrepreneurial training, basic economics, fundamentals about marketing and advertising. Or take help from experts in other concepts here around start-ups, entrepreneurial training... Let people from health sector come and lecture or have seminars around what is important topics.

Do you have additional ideas for details or gaming areas that would improve upon this project? Please comment below, i appreciate any input and feedback!

How do you envision this idea making money?

The sale of game packages to both people of Caldas, and in other spanish-speaking countries. Maybe getting sponsors to pay for getting their logo on the back of the cards or on the box. Or even having some social businesses paying to become mentioned in the games as role-models and great examples.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

Spreading basic information about health, malnutrition. Creating discussions around certain topics that could be taboo to talk openly about.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

Inclusion, Transparency, making people participate in helping themselves learn in a fun way.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

Finding the first batch of people that want to participate in open work shops around game designs. Contact Universities, art schools, companies that produce and sell games.


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Interesting idea, specially because you use creativity as a mayor ressource here. :D

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