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Network of Local Infopreneuers

The idea of the concept is to enable village grocery stores and/or rural pharmacies in remote areas to sell the goods/medication their customers/patients actually need with the help of mobile phones. Often the remote stores cannot meet the demand they have as getting stock replenishments is difficult and expensive. Shop owners need to close the store, and get supplies by hiring a taxi, to get what they need form the city. Often this is a day trip.

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How could this work?

Imagine a network of Infopreneurs.

Eduardo is one of them, an infopreneuer, who visits the grocery stores in his community. One of the store owners, Maria, orders 10 loafs of bread and 5 packs of rice that she needs. Maria sends an sms using her mobile with the details- Store Owner, Bread, 10 loafs, pin code.

Eduardo receives the sms orders from the community stores on daily basis and compiles and order that is sent to the bakery store in the city. Eduardo orders in bulk and gets a better price. The savings are used to pay for the delivery of the goods.

Back at his home, Eduardo opens his laptop and searches for new locations in his community that might join the network; the software is based on a geographic interface using aerial photographs with high resolution. When Eduardo wants to add a shop, he just selects the shop and adds it to the network. This is very useful for remote areas where no street name, no house number is available and the store owner has no bank account.

Benefits for the store owners:

- Saves money (instead of paying for a car drive to go to the city) and time

- More accurate store replenishment

- More sales

Benefits for the customers:

- Less stock-outs of commodity goods and medication

- Better inventory (no goods will be thrown away)

Benefits for the suppliers:

- Accuracy and transparency in the demand

Benefits for the infopreneur:

- Earns a commission on the orders placed.

How do you envision this idea making money?

The infopreneurs will receive a commission on the orders that are placed.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

If this idea is applied to the local pharmacies, they will rarely face a stock-out situation. This network of infopreneurs creats jobs in the community

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

Helps the local stores get what their customers need and when they need it Makes stock replenishment easy via the use of mobile phones


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Network willbe the savoiur!!! That's a great concept, I love it.

Have you ever consider the possibility of giving the "final touch" in the place with a Caldas network? I mean, imagine the bread is not ready, is pre-cooked, and then, in Caldas women bake it so now its ready and more fresh?

That could open the chance of having investors in places like Caldas, because you need certain tech to finish the process. And possibly, Caldas could produce for other places and the network carries the product when they deliver the pre-finished ones.

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Sergio, this is a great idea! I have not thought about having the "final touch" done leveraging local resources. I belive this could be done with products like bread, but rice, cooking oil, etc. have to be sources from a regional wholesaler...

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