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Manizales - the new cool non alcoholic energy drink for the eco conscious

Instead of exporting the number one crop in the area direct, why not employ more locals to turn that crop into an exportable drink, bringing more revenue to the region and using some of those profits to drive health and education programs for the community. Basically a non alcoholic version of my earlier drink idea

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Going down the path of the caffeine/guarana  energy drink - using the products of what is grown locally and taking it further by process those raw ingredients into an energy drink that could be exported.

This idea is the same as my previous one but removing the stigma of producing an Alcoholic beverage

How do you envision this idea making money?

I would think that this idea could generate income if it was marketed properly and a brand was quickly established (Creating hype around the product using celebrity endorsement, product placement, viral advertising, using the eco-friendly/community based product as a selling point - I am sure there are people on this website who have a much better understanding of how to do this than me!!!) basically tapping into the global success of drinks like Red Bull To begin with we could pay local growers more for their product because we would be getting more for ours (than simple coffee beans or sugar). Then comes the employment of local people to work in the distillery. The drink would be labelled as distilled and bottled in Caldas. On top of the work making the drink there would be employment in the administration and business side of the operation. Money earned would go to both continuing and growing the business as well as health and education programs for the community.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

Really same as the initial idea but without any of the damaging effects of having alcohol anywhere in the process ALL EMPLOYEES and GROWERS would be given Health insurance and health care. Secondly all employees families will also be included in this coverage. Third - Healthy meals provided to all employees while at work. Fourth - An education program initially for all employees and their families but eventually reaching out into the wider community that centers around the health issues in this challenge Fifth - The introduction of community food projects so local communities can grow the majority of their own food

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

Everyone who works in making this drink would get immediate health and education benefits that would extend to the wider community as profits grew. Bringing in revenue direct to the community, employing more people and making something they feel part of helps with the general esteem of the community. The major part of the profits (after wages for the workers) goes into food, health and education programs for local communities The business experience and expertise gained from this should encourage and contribute to new local ventures


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Hi Shan, Well, in the 1930's they created the "Asociación Nacional de Cafeteros" to deal with the coffee crisis. This asociation helps the farmers to sell Colombian coffee around the world and they have something similar to Starbucks that is call "Juan Valdez café". This coffee stores sells a large variety of productsmade out of coffee and one of them is an energy drink. Could theproduct that you propose compete with the one from Juan Valdez?

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Great idea Shan! And good questions Luz - we'd definitely want to think about any potential competitors for this type of energy drink. Would the fact that this drink has a community health/education component help differentiate it enough?

This also makes me wonder: are there other types of businesses, besides coffee, that might leverage Caldas' natural resources while also carving out a new or untapped business area that's maybe not so competitive?