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Loosely based idea around keeping schoolchildren in school longer time, to make them learn more. Not very well defined, because it is only the general purpose of the idea that is making me interested in this angle. So please help with ideas and how to proceed.

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I would like to see a volunteer grass-roots-movement in Caldas that helps to inspire children to study more, to stay in school more years and to go on to become higher skilled proffessionals like doctors, nutritionists, health experts, generating more income tax in the future from their careers, that will most likely be making them a higher income in proportion to longer time spent in school.

The school and educational department will receive higher income of school fees. percentage of the raise could be set aside to pay out to those volunteers that makes the kids stay in school as much as possible.

If there is some initiatives from large non-governmental organisations or international charities that do similar work, please send a link in the comment section below. It could be valuable for the members in this project to read about it, to take ideas from all kinds of initiatives. and then they can choose on what way they want to shape and model their own activities.

To inspire the young kids can be very simple and cheap, if only the community around them can learn a few simple methods and to discuss together to come up with more clever ideas to try. I mean it is as simple as bringing a group of local rappers to film a video in the school to cause a buzz for the kids a couple of weeks around "how cool it was in school when the rappers where here to make their video!"
A public figure like Jamie Oliver visiting one day around lunch time... professional football players volunteering a couple of hours in the physical education? Bringing in professors and authors to help students with writing scholarship applications?

Focus in the program could be factbased: that children that learn more earns more money in the future. More creativity in the school creates higher intelligence and creative power in the students.
It could also be trying to be Mythbusters, showing bad vs good examples of : children that quit school early to start to work are more often only involved in informal grey economy. Children that go on a couple of extra years have higher potential to find a job in the formal economy and contributes with X% of taxes back to community (and show much clearer to children and parents that tax pays for essential services like schools, hospitals, ambulance, roads, water... that benefit everyone)

How do you envision this idea making money?

Schools take a percentage of the improved raise in incoming fees and pays the "kick-backers" retroactively. Students that go on and find wellpayed jobs can contribute with a small monthly fee and to mentoring programs. Volunteers from abroad will be made to send in their ideas on a forum, and be made to pay a fee-donation-microcredit of some sort for each contribution they make. This forum could share links to other concepts and projects in Caldas that are selling handicrafts/souvenires on Etsy and similar...

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

Better educated children makes little better skills and knowledge around food and health. and in the longer perspective little more doctors and nurses.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

As a grass-root-movement it could involve all generations to discuss the importance of good education for all. If it becomes extremely successful it could make schools totally free for all, with sponsored materials, books and equipment.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

Start small discussion groups in the schools at evenings to collect and collate ideas from the community.


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Interesting ideas here Johan! What I like best is that because it's grass-roots, it's something that might not require a lot of money to accomplish. Time and energy, definitely - but it seems that the success of this kind of idea might not be solely based on community access to funding to make it happen.

As Sergio mentioned below, maybe there's a way to build and/or merge both of your ideas into a new concept? Perhaps there's also a way to bring in Vincent's "50% for Colombia" concept and get celebrities to agree to volunteer in their home communities, in addition to money? It might also be worth thinking about the type of education and awareness campaign you'd like to see and who it would need to reach - teachers, school principals, parents, kids etc - in order to spread the message of the benefits of kids staying in school.

I like where this is going! :)

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Ashley... imagine that schoolteachers, parents, "normal" people become celebrities? I think that willbe amazing, because that's a way of telling that everyone is able to become a model. Imagine broader models, not only celebrities... wow!!!.

For me its a way of mantaining culture, increasing love for tradition and having palpable models.

What do you think?

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I think you're on the right track Sergio! Perhaps you even have other concepts to add to the challenge that build on these ideas?

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Yes, i'm thinking of 3, but all I need now is time to finish them. Let me work out them and stay in touch so we can build something more.

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Ashley, my new concept is uploaded. Hope you like it!

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