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InVenture: InVest in Good, Repeat

InVenture believes that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the potential to create lasting economic development in under-served communities, and that the best way to unleash this potential is through investing, not lending.

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How Does InVenture Work?

InVest in Good...


How do you envision this idea making money?

InVenture not only believes in our hand-picked micro-entrepreneurs, but we also InVest in them! Profits are only made when entrepreneurs make profit, keeping us accountable, transparent and unique from other micro-lending platforms. While micro-credit has helped to alleviate the struggle of subsistence living for many people in developing communities - this form of financing has not been successful in expanding businesses beyond sole proprietorships. Debt prevents businesses from taking the kinds of risks that can help them grow. That's why InVenture provides expansion capital to successful micro-businesses and becomes their partner, not their creditor. By partnering with businesses and investing in their potential, we allow businesses to take on the risk of larger scale innovations without a constant fear of failing and being unable to repay their debt. These risks can yield greater rewards and bigger growth than through traditional micro-credit financing. And bigger growth means more job creation and more lasting development for communities that are stuck in cycles of poverty.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

InVenture creates local on-the-ground partners with respected NGOs and Microfinance Institutions in the developing countries where InVenture micro-entrepreneurs live. InVenture requires that 5% of profit be reinvested by each micro-entrepreneur, back into their local communities through public health and education. A recent example of how InVenture's social impact improves the health of communities is in the Tamilnadu region of India. InVenture's strong partnership with the Association of Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD) (, allows us to help the community revitalize a past anemia education program and collaborate with other businesses to assess the health education of this community and in turn, implement culturally appropriate practices focused on public health.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

InVenture focuses on impact-making. Every InVestor that makes an investment through InVenture has the opportunity to track their InVestment and as an InVestor, are required to re-invest their SEEDs (Social Enterprise Expansion Dollars) into a new mirco–entrepreneur thereby exponentially increasing impact within a My InVenture portfolio. SEEDs are literally the financial returns from an InVestment, and represent exponential impact on not only the business you've chosen to contribute towards but also the impact on their communities.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

1) Understand How InVenture Works: 2) Start Your InVenture Now: 3) Join a Rally! (“Women’s Heath: Empowerment”!) :) 4) Spread the Word & Tell Your Friends! 5) Follow InVenture & Learn How to Make a Social InVestment! (Twitter:!/inventurefund) (Facebook:


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I like want you people are doing but i needed social plattform where i can make small,small income every month or weekly.thanks ATODO JB

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