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Instructional Videos and Games for Caldas Coffee Farmers

Instructional videos and games could be distributed to educate, entertain and connect Caldas coffee farmers

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Instructional videos and games could be deployed to educate, entertain and connect Caldas coffee farmers. Used iPod Touch (more versatile) or Nintento DSi (cheaper, rugged, SD card for 3GP format videos that can also be played on mobile phones) could be used to view the videos and games.

Sustainable Harvest's Relationship Information Tracking System (RITS) is already deployed in Peru. For details see Corey Pressman's presentation on Designing an iPad Interface for Cross-Cultural Use

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Photo of Meena

Interesting, Avi & sounds like it could be lots of fun. Not sure what the current level of smartphone use is amongst farmers in Caldas – nor their level of tech literacy. This has been a stumbling block for many tech-oriented initiatives with farmers in India... even though they get zealously written up by corporate public relations teams ;^) – when you talk to actual farmers they often aren't interested unless it falls within things they know how to do easily – like texting for market prices. Anyone got ideas that build on this concept in terms of access, ability and user-engagement?

Photo of Avi

Thanks Meena - The Nokia 3110c Classic supports 3gp video

Photo of Meena

Indeed – but interestingly I encountered many folk at Dharavi who had phones with such capabilities but either didn't know how to use them or couldn't afford internet access if that was required.

Photo of Avi

One of the main findings from Divya Ramachandran's fieldwork was that the CHW used the videos to start a discussion with the mother. So we will need feet on the ground/flesh in the game! And the internet access issue can be partially overcome by using SD cards to distribute the video library

Photo of Meena

Great to introduce the idea of tech-fluent intermediaries.

Photo of Juan

Hi Avi
There is a Colombian that has thought millions of people how to read and write in Spanish with a game -
It will be good to have some figure in mobile penetration in the Caldas region. I also believe that if mobile phones are available lost of knowledge can be transmitted, gather and share. I asked someone for these figures (, I will share if I get them.

Photo of Juan

Hi again - Check a video in English of the games:

Photo of James

It is very difficult to use a nokia 3110 or primitive phone to do anything but call and text. I would describe myself as very high tech literacy, but that interface is incapable of going beyond phone and text even if it has the features.

So I ask does it have to mobile? The concept could be internet based as the Grameen team has said people have computers in shared hubs with in schools, not so much at home...