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Dragons' Den... with a social twist

Create a Colombian version of the popular BBC program "Dragons' Den". The concept should however be twisted, so that only people with social entrepreneurial ideas can participate.

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Create a TV show for national TV (-or radio) in Colombia, where social entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of experienced social entrepreneurs and business angels. Each of the panelists will each week get a set amount of money, which they can invest each in one of the social entrepreneurs.

How do you envision this idea making money?

The program will help raise awareness around social entrepreneurship, it will give exposure to good ideas and it will kick good ideas off the ground.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

Each week could have a theme - so one week all ideas picthed to the panel, will only be about health for instance. Then next week, the busienss ideas could be about how to secure areas hit by natural disasters etc.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

The program will give large scale exposure to social business ideas and social entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs can be profiled as "heros" and can become local celebrities in their own right.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

1) Team up with the most popular/most appropriate TV station in Colombia and picth the idea to them 2) Be allowed to create the program by BBC - or create a new TV concept with a similar purpose 3) Get high profile Colombians to sit in the panel 4) Get people to sign up and come and present their ideas.

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Great build on Dragon's Den. I can also imagine this working as a local event if a television show was too difficult to get investment for. Food & drinks could be sold to support the event – and as it gained popularity there may even be a nominal fee charged to pitch or come and be in the audience (maybe you could add inspirational local social business speakers as a draw card at each event?). An alliance could be formed with Nathan's Mobile Training Camp to provide additional educational support and outreach? Of course the great thing about these pitch-style formats is that the audience has the potential to learn from watching. Hoping we get some more builds and updates on this one!

Photo of Anne Kjaer Riechert

I like the idea of an off-TV competition as well. Maybe a winner could be picked in each town/city. And there could be semi-finals and finals, which will add excitement to the competition