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Caldas Service Set

Creating a social business that compliments coffee drinking or nutritious eating could allow for an opportunity to bring awareness of the idea of health while also providing a value-add to the coffee growing opportunity that already occurs. Imagine buying your coffee and getting a mug that was made by the community? Or imagine a community creating the plates and bowls that could compliment the education of healthy eating in Caldas?

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The Caldas Service Set could be created by a pottery studio social business that developed products that are utilized when eating. These items could be used by the community as a compliment to any other nutrition/health education but could also become a product that was sold to coffee buyers/growers as a value add to the coffee beans produced/sold.

The products created could include: plates, bowls, coffee mugs, or cups.

As the Andes region is known for some particular clays (barro negro pottery is sold in Europe and North America), this could compliment the options in their local environment while also encouraging healthy eating and social business.

How do you envision this idea making money?

1) Selling an actual mug or plate could be a compliment to other business ideas but also has the potential as a stand-alone item that could be sold both locally and internationally. 2) Chefs appreciate the flavor that is creating using particular clays from this region so it could be sourced to an external client as well. 3) The money made could help to keep the "studio" going and create resources for healthy eating programs

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

1) By creating a product that connects to the idea of eating (which links to health), a community has can respond to or interact with a physical artifact. 2) Can connect to other concepts that are seeking to impact nutritious eating locally (what if nutritious lunches were consumed off the plates of a local bowl/plate maker?)

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

1) The joy of working collectively on a business objective creates a social support system 2) Working on an item that you can sell upon completion 3) The products sold create income in order to keep the work going: 4) Selling these at a fair value ensures a market wage 5) Creates an opportunity to create cultural artifacts that can be sold directly from their location and establish cultural value associated with healthy living

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

1) Find and/or train those who are able to make these pottery items 2) Connect with a chef who might support the production of items 3) Connect with local coffee growers to determine if a space could be created to support this venture 4) Train women in the making of pottery (Open to someone building on this part!)


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I like a lot your idea. This type of business is not new in Colombia, but you can also include a part of couching to this people because many times the problem is not the ressources but the way in which they are handled. This is a Handcrafts center that specializes in the black pottery production and is one of the most famous, I think you will be interested to know more :D

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I had come across this site earlier so thanks for posting it here! I appreciate the way you distinguish the difference between having resources and knowing how to manage them. Thanks, Luz!

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