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Caldas Coffee Direct Exchange

A coffee exchange website to buy Caldas coffee directly from Caldas farmers

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A central Coffee exchange website to buy Caldas Coffee directly from Caldas farmers.

The Caldas Coffee Direct Exchange would have:
-Organic Caldas Coffee offered directly for sale by Caldas Coffee growers
-Caldas Coffee farmers set the price and receive orders to fulfill with payment on delivery for shipping
-Localized warehouses to tastefully pack and ship the orders
-Customers can browse and order the coffee online
-various levels of customer involvement (follow coffee farm blog, ecotourism, volunteer on the farm)
-Customers will be encouraged to hold Coffee Cupping parties ( a la Tupperware) to promote Caldas coffee by WOMM
-a wiki for Caldas Coffee farmers to share best practices

Juan Cajiao points to the Don Evelio Tarrazu Coffee farm in Costa Rica as an existing exemplar

Maria Palacio points to the following existing Columbian exemplars:

Cafe Quindio

Cafe San Alberto

Cafe DelParaisso

Concept Team: Maria Palacio, Juan Cajiao, Johan Löfström, Indranil Bhattacharya

How do you envision this idea making money?

To maintain itself and provide the coffee growers with a decent income

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

Indirectly, by providing coffee growers with a living wage enabling them to improve their quality of life Johan suggests: We provide the community with a guide book, where they can find ideas around design/branding/storytelling and also a big link resource to make them find other excellent examples from coffee/cocoa small-scale and independent producers. This guide book can be a wiki, constantly in beta, anyone can add inspiration and links in it.

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

Profit goes back directly to the farmers while eliminating middlemen

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

Prototype a concept website using Etsy or Shopify


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