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Book Some Food

Basically it is a mobile phone app to preorder 3-6-12 months ahead basic food for survival. I just post this for the "Food subscription + Food Insurance" concept, might be inspiring Book some Food. You can order a (piece of a) pig. Or certain amount of apples, cherish etc. This can be done directly to an offering farm. Or a local family shop. This pre-ordering has 3 primary benefits; - the farmer or market has certainty of selling, taking stress away and giving space for investment. - the buyer has a fair price as people book food together. - regional products can compete with super market foreign bulk import, helping local economies.

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After some trial runs with concepts like the 100 mile diet and other kind of regional production and consumption propaganda.... In the end it is simple math 1+1 = 2

Ease + Price = Buy

The preach on quality is useless if the price is not fair/transparent. 

How do you envision this idea making money?

step by step; 1. The farmer and shop get a free web account for 1 product. 2. If 10 people booked the product and paid, a small % is taken for subscription. You have to think in amounts like google add sense, cents. 3. You can always get for a little amount a month more 'shelves' for more products.

How does this idea create social impact, particularly around improving health?

The flow of food products is improved locally. Economic local health (local supply-demand dynamics enhanced) Personal local health ( slow food products )

How does this idea add social value at every step of the process?

This concept is designed for developing regions where regional small farmers offer their products on local city markets. The city folks would like to buy regional products, but are always in a hurry, no time to go to the market. Often people just go to bulk supermarket as they want to be sure they get everything they need. The farmers have an enormous 'offer' summer peak. What they sell of that is their annual income. The demand in the summer is low as people are busy at work or simple are on holidays. Local family shops are on every street corner. Concepts to generate more income are taken up very well.

What are the short term steps we could take to implement this idea tomorrow?

Just to make the simple mobile phone app. It'll take a week for a programmer, and another week for interface designer. It can be 'bigger' but it is not needed to try the concept out. In a local community to make a poster/flyer to explain 'preordering'/booking food has a lot of benefits. It's taking the stress and costs away in supply-demand chain.


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Nice one, Paul! Group purchase is a great idea. Any of our community based in Colombia know how advanced mobile money transfers are there? In Africa they're really huge with low-income communities – and might be really great if the money transfer was built directly into the app rather than having to go to mobile web for that part. Would depend on familiarity and popularity of mobile money transfers though.

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Yes in Africa they are way ahead in this. Farmers have mobiles to see marketprices of their own crops live in some experiment places, kicking out the greedy/lying middlemen. The situation there is the markets are very full pushing down the prices in constant chaos. AND they have to compete with EU food dumpings.... So a straight line between consumer preordering and farmer knowing is great help I think.

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