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The Hero Food Movement

The idea is to teach kids about the importance of fresh and healthy foods by a clear connection to their heroes. Everyone has a hero whether it’s Superman or Neil Armstrong. The idea also involves the parents but the key here is to let the kids take the first step since they are easier to reach. The goal is to create a positive spiral among student and parents in understanding the importance of fresh and healthy food.

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The Hero Food movement is implemeted in first grade. A teacher would have a show and tell about the students heroes, not talking about food. Afterwards ask the question “What do you think your hero eats?”. In an intuitive way make the connection between their heroes abilities and the food they eat. For example: Superman has x-ray vision so it’s safe to say he has good vision. Eating carrots is good for your eyes. So maybe Superman eats carrots. We also introduce an award system to push both kids and parents to eat and cook fresh food. The idea is that kids will bring fresh food from home in a lunch box. The teacher will award the student with a hero sticker and the student will place the sticker on the “Class Super Power Chart”. Every student is a prominent hero. The more stickers you get the more abilities you receive. When the class has received a certain amount of stickers the class will be rewarded a field trip to an amusement park or another fun event. This would be financed either by the school or the parents. The Hero movement is kickstarted by giving the students a mission to cook something with fresh foods with their parents and then bring left overs in their lunch box the next day. Now they are a part of the movement and receive a lunch box sticker, and also their first hero sticker to put on the Class Super Power Chart. It is also important that the parents receive information about the movement and what we are trying to achieve.

This idea was a group effort from the school Hyper Island.
And we are: Hampus Lemhag, Johan Svensson, Martine Fonstad-Smith, Mattis Forsman, Olof Larsson, Raymo Ventura

Evaluation results

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1. Food Knowledge - To what extent is this concept teaching people about food knowledge?

It's teaching people a great deal about food knowledge - 28.6%

It's teaching people a moderate deal about food knowledge - 28.6%

It's teaching people a little about food knowledge - 42.9%

It's not focused on food knowledge - 0%

2. Cooking - Is this concept focused on getting people to cook?

It's all about getting people to cook - 14.3%

It's moderately about getting people to cook - 14.3%

It's getting people to cook a little - 71.4%

It's not focused on cooking at all - 0%

3. Originality - How original is this idea?

This idea is extremely original - 28.6%

This idea is somewhat original - 28.6%

This idea has some originality about it - 42.9%

I have seen this idea before - 0%

4. Scalability - How scalable is this idea across communities and geographies?

This idea can be scaled across many communities and places - 42.9%

This idea can be scaled but needs some work - 42.9%

This idea will take a fair bit of work to scale - 14.3%

This idea cannot scale at all - 0%


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