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The Good Food Vending Quota

Vending machines are required to allocate a percentage of space for locally produced and sourced produce and snacks.

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Vending machine operators who have contracts with school boards should be required to allocate a percentage of space for locally produced and sourced produce and snacks decided by the schools.

This will work because:

- Vending contracts provide valuable funding for school boards, and are long-term contracts which cannot be easily broken. This will operate within this system.

- School will be able to source their own locally grown food. Even from their own gardens. Contracts with produce suppliers that ship their goods thousands of kilometres will not be required.

- Students will still be able to have their choice, and good food choices will depend not on legislated availability, but on good education, in the classroom and at home

- No new infrastructure is required.

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Age of kids. The solutions to changing kids’ eating behaviors will vary depending on their age. What works for a toddler won’t necessarily fly for a teenager, although we suspect some concepts might be appropriate for all ages—even adults! Which age bracket does your concept address (tick all relevant boxes)?

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Good idea but how to promote the healthier food copmared to the highly advertised 'junk food" ? If it is just for taste, it will not drive change - how to make this food more attractive will be key.

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There are so many snacks that have popped up recently that use local ingredients and are natural - I recently had a rather delicious granola bar:

I actually don't think it's fair to have these products competing against the awful chocolate bars and shiny crisps packets. I say get the schools on board to regulate what the vending machine company provides and entirely ban GMO and sugar-filled junk-food options. It may seem harsh, but these are the small things that can be done to change behavioural habits in an environment where parents are watching over their child's every bite.

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The real problem seems to be figuring out why, when presented with healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks at equal convenience and price, we are still more likely to pick the unhealthy snack, despite knowing the 'consequences'.
Nice idea though.

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Interesting thoughts on school boards and vending machines. In addition, whole vending machines could be "healthy":,,,