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When I grow up I want to be my hero

Every kid has a hero that we would love to be like. Make their heros talk to them advincing them what to do to become one hero alike. Put the advice in the mouth of whom kids would follow for sure.

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As a kid we always have aspirations that we would like to be like someone, rather is a movie star, o singer or a fmaous football player. It's all about the magic of being famous and having lots of kids following. There are a big range of famous people being followed by kids, the idea is to put the healthy habbit rules told by them, speaking directly to the heart of the kids! If Lady Gaga says that what makes her dance so nicely are the carrots she eats every mornig, I believe not only keds would start to eat more carrots. It's all about how to pass the message. Fast food really focus on the fun and magic in their marketiong, but what if healthy food could as well be funny? that's the tricky part, it can be funny and magic as well!

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