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Pop Songs About Healthy Food!

If Justin Bieber sang about healthy eating there would be a sea-change in teenage food choices. At least for the girls...

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If pop music stars such as Justin Bieber and other famous personalities popular with teenagers, sang songs about their healthy eating habits there would be a massive, hormone fueled shift in the world's teenage population toward a newly fixated interest in food that was good for them. If Zac Efron gave Access Hollywood a tour of his vegetable garden every girl would want one of their own. And then, teenage boys, seeing that girls liked boys with vegetable gardens, would start growing their own to impress the girls at school. A fanciful depiction of course but the point is that there is a huge resource in pop idols that can be tapped. A highly persuassive power that could be harnessed for good. The question is how to convince Bieber to move away from the wind tunnel that styles his hair and start writing songs that promote healthy living. And loving.

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Thanks Madeline! Sorry I missed your inspiration before. Great idea!

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