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New Sims Game - Your Own Body!

Build a simulation of your own body with this new Sims game and play it to test out eating choices and exercise strategies. On yourself!

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What if a new version of the popular Sims game brand called 'Sims Body' was released? This new game would allow the player to create a simulation of their own body which they would then 'live' with in the Sims world. With detailed constructs of both interior organs and systems as well as exterior muscle and skin tone, the player's Sims body would develop and change over time depending on what the player fed their simulated body, its level of exercise and how they took care of it on a daily basis. Too much fast food and no exercise? Flab starts to show as well as clogged arteries. Not enough roughage? Digestive system clogs up. The game system could also be a great way for kids to track what they actually eat on a daily and weekly basis and see the extrapolated consequences played out on their avatar. Sims Body could really be effective in helping kids to understand the ramifications of their eating choices.

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Interesting idea I think the fun, interactivity of the learning suggested here could really have an impact on kids. I really like the idea of children being able to 'chart' what they eat and see the results over time. What if it was its own entity, a separate project on its own without the attachment to sims?