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McDonald's Rooftop Gardens!

What if the fast food industry took a lead role in talking about healthy, seasonal, locally grown food?

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A rooftop garden on every McDonald's is a bit far-fetched I am sure... but my point is that there is an opportunity for McDonald's and the other big names in kid-targeted fast food to promote healthy food choices. Is there a way for locally grown fresh produce to be integrated into a large fast food company's supply chain? If there is a positive marketing angle that can benefit the restaurant I am certain that a way could be found. The battle for kids to learn how to make healthy food choices has to be taken up by the brands that already have kid's attention. If McDonald's, through the Ronald McDonald Houses, can support kids with medical needs, why not invest in kids to hopefully prevent them from having future medical needs? Rooftop gardens would be an attention-getting addition to the fast food industry and it would definitely help kids make a connection between the food they eat and where it comes from.


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Yes, it'd be great if some fast food chains got on board. And never say never. Walmart, although far from perfect, has come a long way on the sustainability route vs. what many thought was possible. Regardless, trying to get the big fast food chains involved, even with small changes, would be a step forward. And, if they don't change, that just means there's more room for upstarts to come in and make a difference.

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