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Make shopping a game

"The solution to the problems of bad nutrition, obesity and poor health may be right in front of you the next time you go to the supermarket. Researchers at New Mexico State University say a simple change in the design of shopping carts may help people make better decisions about the food they buy."

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Their solution: they divided the shopping cart. With a duct tape line across the middle of the cart and a note advising to put fresh products in one half of the cart and all other stuff in the other half, consumers bought 102% more fresh products.

See the video and read the article at

It hasn't anything special to do with kids, but the idea is intriguing nonetheless.

By creating shopping carts that support "fresh" zones (see above) or play music or do other stuff, shopping could be turned into a game-like experience where the shopper "wins" by buying more fresh food.

That would be better than having Coca Cola Company branded carts with their own Coca Cola zone, right?


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Vincent, while I find the shopping cart divider quite cool, I personally hate those prison-like divided plates. They remind me very much of undefinable thick, green stuff that gets smashed on ones plate :-)

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