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Make it fun to know your food source

Knowing where food comes from and how it was made is an essential part of increasing children's awareness of their food sources. This should be part of their upbringing and can be taught to them in different ways depending on their age. Making it a little fun by actually giving the chicken that laid their egg a name makes them emotionally connect to the original animal or person involved in the production of their food.

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The first step can already be reading of books about animals, farmers, bakers etc.
My children always ask me the name of the chicken that laid their egg and I always read it for them, because it happens to be written on the egg. (some number printed on the egg) It helps them realize that it's not just some chicken, but that it was actually a hen called "Betsy" that worked hard for them and produced their egg. This can also be applied to the cow that produced the milk, the farmer that grew the crops or the baker that baked their bread.


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wow...from imagination to execution: "creative Betsy". I like it, because it's holistic thinking, collaborate between knowledge and experience.

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