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Let's Ask the Hard Questions

The SUPER AWESOME KABOOM KRAFT YELLOW DINOSAUR CHEESE SAUCE AWESOME has quite a larger budget. We have to get creative.

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Let's talk budget. To make this happen. Because if we're going to help kids make better choices toward fresh foods, they've gotta stop eating something else, like this SUPER AWESOME KABOOM KRAFT YELLOW DINOSAUR CHEESE SAUCE AWESOME! I don't know what their budget is but for Kraft, "Sales rose 25% to $12.3 billion" in the second quarter of this year. I'm pretty sure their marketing dollars are quite a bit larger than the Broccoli Grower's Associations (which seems like they don't have their own website).

Right now, as it stands, fresh food is not even a choice for kids. With a fun yellow computer generated dinosaur telling you to crave your hunger with some cheese sauce every fifteen minutes between jokes from Squidworth and Patrick, how will we get them to even CONSIDER fresh food as a choice, let alone want to eat it. These are the difficult realities of solving issues of this magnitude.


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