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How do we make food epic?

Why do kids love baseball cards? Star Wars cards/figures? I think in part due to the epic story/narrative. How can we make food epic?

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Interesting question... In terms of things like Star Wars, 'epic' was a compelling story told about the struggle of good over evil. With cool space ships and laser guns of course. So the question maybe is how can a story be told about carrots, or any good food for that matter, that will have the same compelling nature? Do carrots struggle against evil? Evil wabbits maybe? I personally think that some foods are epic. Like a bottle of champagne, a good wine or an amazingly prepared dinner. But that's an adult perspective. And what about them makes me think 'epic'? Their price? Their care in preparation? Their level of deliciousness? Their alcohol content? Yes to all of that. So the question is what could make a kid think of a healthy food as of such great import that they should stop and take notice? It's a good question. And a tough answer...