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Grow your own food garden in dense living conditions

Square foot gardening - A simple system that adapts to all levels of experience, physical abilities, and geographical locations. Square foot gardening is adaptable for dense urban conditions such as high rise apartment living or informal settlements.

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Grow all you want and need in only 20% of the space of a conventional row garden. -

Square foot gardening provides a simple do it yourself model to allow children to grow their own food, learn about fresh vegetables, and gain food security.


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I like the idea of modularity. If the perception of what it takes to plant and tend a garden seems too overwhelming for some people, whether due to time, space, knowledge, etc., breaking the project down into modular pieces could be a way to get people started. Even if only by baby steps. What if each 'square' was actually a self-contained planter or pot that came packaged with a specific vegetable seed and the necessary soil, etc. and then could be ganged together with other pots? So each person could assemble their own garden in simple modular units according to their available space, time and vegetable interests. Very cool idea. Thanks!

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