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Grab Kids Attention in the Vegetable Aisle!

Parents drag kids through the produce aisle as they enter the grocery store. So why not use the opportunity to show kids the connection between some of their favorite book and cartoon characters and the healthy vegetables, dairy and eggs that inspired them?

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There is an opportunity in the vegetable aisle rarely taken advantage of. Advertising to kids! There are countless children's books, cartoons and movies that center their story around farm animals, vegetables, fruits, etc. So why not use the opportunity to draw kids attention to the good stuff behind the stories? Chicken Little or Chicken Run could have advertised on egg cartons. Even printing the chicken's names on the eggs helping to carry the movie's story home to the kitchen. Ads for Ratatouille could feature the vegetables used in the recipe. Once kids make the connection from the movie to the actual ingredients in the traditional dish, they might want mom or dad to make it for them. Veggie Tales ads next to cucumbers and tomatoes. Every book about a cow could be featured on the side of a milk carton. Publishers and movie companies could benefit from the cross-over advertising opportunity and grocers (and farmers) could benefit from the new interest from kids. And the ad dollars.


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I like this idea a lot - I think it would be great to have something similar that appeals to the tween-set and even teenagers. I saw an earlier post about having "NikeFresh" labels on some foods, and I think that would be really appealing to older kids and adults. And -- to the comment by Jen, below -- if Nike (or Pixar, or whomever) doesn't want to sponsor big displays in the produce aisle, couldn't they just create slap-on labels for moms to affix to bananas and apples at home? I mean, who says this has to be a big production?

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