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Give Broccoli a Budget!

Kids are seduced into wanting junk food by the multitude of well-produced ads they see promoting it. Level the playing field by creating top-notch clever ads and marketing strategies for healthy fruits and vegetables that can stand against spots for fast food and snacks.

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A big reason kids make poor food choices is that they are bombarded with ads all day long that tell them to do just that. From sugar-filled cereals to fatty snacks and fast food, the marketing strategies and slick ads of these products specifically target kids knowing that they are both easily influenced and make a large amount of solo purchasing decisions. We, however, don't see ads for fresh vegetables because no farmer can pay for it. So kids get a lopsided view, based on the ads they see, of the foods out there.
What if an organization were created to combat the continual stream of junk food ads? Either a non-profit or government agency, this organization would seek top-notch ad agencies and creatives to develop ad campaigns for healthy foods such as broccoli with the same slick look and feel as ads for, say, sugary drinks.
With the right message, a cleverly crafted advertisement would soon have kids pulling at their parents sleeves at the store saying, "Mommy, please can we have escarole?!"

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Using "game points" could have the same effect on motivation as economic incentive....i.e you keep score getting more points for being healthy, and less for eating junk food. Eating healthy could be something to brag about as you get a higher score, at the moment it is very hard to compare how healthy you are, or even self-assess if I am truly healthy. While the video below takes a more scary side of companies that pay more award more bonus points that would encourage junk food, but the idea could be switched to healthy version depending who is in control.