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Discounts for Buying Produce in Bulk

Make it more cost-efficient for parents to buy lots of produce for their home, rather than only a few fruits and veggies.

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It's simple, but novel: establish benchmarks for total pounds of produce that give families a discount - and not just on the produce either. It can apply for ALL the items they buy at the grocery store. Alternatively, of course, you could have it only apply to the produce items purchased. For example:

4 lbs: 6% off all items / 12% off all produce
6 lbs: 8% off all items / 16% off all produce
8 lbs: 10% off all items / 20% off all produce
. . .

This will encourage families who are buying produce to bring a large amount of it into their homes, which will let them diversify and bring in many types of fruits and veggies.

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This should be done as a matter of course, however, in terms of kids awareness I fear half the problem is that many parents are lazy, if they did buy more produce, they would possibly end up wasting more produce.

Common excuses parents use is 'time', they have no time, they therefore turn to the tins and packages.