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Did Popeye save the spinach industry back in the 30s?!

How do <b>animated characters</b> influence children?

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According to King Features website... "The spinach growers credited Popeye with a 33 percent increase in U.S. spinach consumption — and saving the spinach industry in the 1930s!" (


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Ha! Good thoughts! I love the Popeye Spinach game in your photos. I just wrote a comment about Popeye for this Inspiration My point there was about money. And here it is similar. Why did Popeye love spinach? Because he just did. The Spinach Growers Association didn't pay him to love it. It was part of who he was. I think in contrast, today's characters are more geared toward earning money through product endorsement. They won't lift a drawn finger without getting paid first. I think your inspiration leads to the need for the creation of more children's characters that promote healthy food and lifestyle choices. The only issue is how to make it 'cool' enough that kids will like it. And now that I am thinking about cartoon characters... I wonder if the cheese industry saw an increase in cheese consumption with the growth in popularity of Wallace and Gromit. Not to mention that Sponge Bob looks a bit like cheese...

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