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Cuba's city gardens

Due to the threat of future food supplies, Cubans have taken to creating plots in disused areas around Havana to grow fruit and Veg for themselves and the community. Could this be a way to at least help kids, in built up urban areas, get more involved and more of an understanding and taste of fresh food.

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I remember as a kid always walking into my grandad's greenhouse to smell the tomatos, or taking a handful of chives from my grandmothers vegetable plot and eating them fresh. At least I had that privilege, many kids don't.

Kids need to experience the true sense of 'Fresh' food, vegetables picked fresh from the source and then be eaten. How much sweeter and full of taste, freshly picked veg and fruit can be is amazing.

Would city gardens at least help in some way for those kids who have no access to a garden or an allotment?

Allotments are now a premium and have a long waiting list in London, with more high rise accommodation comes less green space!

There is a lot of wasted space, dereliction and unnecessary development in our cities, can we at least reclaim some of this for the cause?


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