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Branding Vegetables!

A savvy company could capitalize on the kid market for the branding of specialized and rare vegetables.

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There is huge opportunity in the vegetable category for branding. Most fruits and vegetables are sold without brand names. A few exceptions are Chiquita and Dole. When a person thinks of 'banana' they probably think if 'Chiquita', a brand almost synonymous with the fruit. But why is that not the case for apples? We know types of apples - Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith - but not brands. Could Dole, for example, create their own trademarked apple? The same goes for mushrooms. Aren’t Portobello mushrooms simply a name conceived in an effort to sell over-matured white mushrooms? History shows that this marketing has worked. But why was the Portobello not branded? Could it have been? What if, through R&D, a company developed a new, sweeter, broccoli? Or carrots that turned blue? Could these new hybrid vegetables be branded? I ask because a branded vegetable would be one that put itself in front of kids more than other veg. And, who knows, the branding money behind it might get kids to eat more of it.


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I know this is an older post, but I thought I'd add that my firm has done a fair amount of testing/research on this topic. Generally, consumers have found branding = industrial. Industrial vegetables are not very appetizing.

Obviously, this view can be changed, but it will not be simple.

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