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Implement a "CHEW IT forever" COMPETITION in every school - if u chew your bite for long (50 to 70 or 100 times a bite), you will discover that only health and fresh food tastes good (beside several other positive side effects)

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People get sensitized by chewing - they find out the "real" taste of a meal or special food, they explore different tastes and ingrediences. They will find out, that on the "long chewing run" fresh and healthy food tastes much better. In the same time chewing long (for example 50 to 70 or 100 chews a bite :-) makes u whant to eat less and causes easy assimilation of the food in your body which makes eating much healthier, and digestion will work better.

Schools could organise "CHEW IT forever" COMPETITION once in three month, giving about 3000 dollars to the ones who take their time to eat properly anf chewed their food the longest. in this case lunch - break must be extanded.
(this concept stands contrary to those traditional competitions, where people have to eat as much and as fast cakes or burges as possible)

If pupils are inspired to chew long sometimes during the year, they will start to think and start to experiment, and start to more often go for fresh and healthy, well cooked food, that is able to taste good, if u chew it long.

>> have you already tried the taste of a bite of hamburger after 50 times chewing ? :D <<

Pupils will exercise long chewing at home, talk to their parents and probably even convince them to change the family-food.

This "CHEW IT forever" COMPETITION would have a side-effekt of slowing down people, pupils will calm and concentrate. They will feel much more satisfied and saturated afterwards.

>> Before you feedback this concept, you can try chew long (25 to 100 times a bite :-) yourselfes and explore the effects! <<

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By the way, since reading this concept, I have made an effort to be more thoughtful about my own chewing -it really focuses me on the act of eating. On a personal level I like this idea even more than I did before!

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There is an iPhone application called Xtreme Krunch Kart, and the game starts when a player crunches a carrot, or produce a crunching noise intot the phone's microphone, this would go well with this concept.

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@larry: nice, your input.
i am not sure if competition is the right method in this case, nor am i clear how to handle such a competition. a song is not bad. def. i think by the issue of chewing we could succeed to reacht the task.

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I like the idea of turning some attention to this aspect of eating, it's such a fresh perspective in many ways. From a health POV, I like pushing against the concept of eating fast, and learning to really appreciate every bite. From a epicurean POV, I like the idea of teaching people to really stop, think, and savor their food.

Personally, I gulp my food like a wild animal, so being able to be more mindful to not do that would be great.

So, how do we build on this, what would actually be the experience of these competitions? How do we celebrate / encourage getting to that 30th chew, that 60th chew, that 100th chew? Maybe a song or rhyme that lasts 100 chews? I think I'll have to post a 'build on it' idea!

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I was just eating some celery (with walnut-miso dip) and that's one food that you can't not chew forever. :-)