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(Plaza Sesamo style) Little chefs cooking show

What Plaza Sesamo did for alphabetization, could a new show do for eating habits? Using bright animated and/or live characters, developed a show for kids with two main sections, one educates kids about food options, like the differences and procedence of, let's say: bread, eggs or carrots. the second section is a "cooking show" that includes kids and possibly teens showing how to prepare kid friendly fare and snacks, perhaps using as a main ingredient one of the ones featured on the first part of the show. some recipes would need more adult assistance, other less. If kids see how something they haven't tried before is done they are more likely to try it and like it, also they might request some of the new meals from their parents.

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I'm partial towards concepts that show kids how to actually eat healthy foods in the form of prepared meals. I don't eat raw carrots but would drink a carrot juice or eat a pasta primavera with carrots on it, as an example.
There could be a mayor chance of success for kids to eat healthier and more balanced diet this way. I think it's key to stir them towards picking freshly prepared foods, that include fats, carbs, animal protein, etc things kids need to grow, in a good proportion. I found it less abstract than only teaching kids about ingredients like fruits and veggies only and in their most pure, straight out of the ground form.

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  • High school (Teens) 14 -18

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