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Jamie Oliver Cookbooks for Kids

Cookbooks featuring the top 10 (easiest and maybe made healthier) Italian, Mexican, snack, dessert, etc. recipes.

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Jamie could publish a series of smaller cookbooks (less than 50 pages) made for kids of different ages. They would reinforce the healthy choices they should make when eating/cooking everyday.

The books for the youger ages could be the top 10 recipes for regional cooking (Italian or Mexican for example- made healthier) or snacks/desserts that they could prepare with the help of their parents and have fun facts about veg/fuits/spices included. A good way to practice reading since they won't be able to chop/cook until older.

The books for older kids could be easy cooking recipes with/for their friends/sweetharts.

Age of kids. The solutions to changing kids’ eating behaviors will vary depending on their age. What works for a toddler won’t necessarily fly for a teenager, although we suspect some concepts might be appropriate for all ages—even adults! Which age bracket does your concept address (tick all relevant boxes)?

  • Elementary (Kids) 5-10
  • Middle school (Tweens) 11-13

Hurdles to success. Helping kids make smarter food choices comes with a variety of hurdles that have to be addressed in order for a design solution to be successful, which of these do you think that your Concept overcomes (tick all relevant boxes)?

  • Expense and Convenience
  • Lack of Knowledge

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As my master's thesis, I developed a nutritional education model where people of all ages, even the very young can learn to look at their tongue in a mirror, then learn to recognize how their body is doing with the foods they have been eating. We then teach these students how to make better food choices based on their own unique needs. I have taught this to tweens, but if a child can recognized colors, flavors, and make cognitive decisions, this could work and be alot of fun, too. "Tongue Fu!" Visit, and watch for my new channel on YouTube, at TubeNutriDoc for a video of my latest class in July 2010 soon to be published. Be In Good Health!